Why am I doing this?

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Hi... I'm Mike Siewruk

Why am I doing this? Well, it is a business and profit is a motive for sure, so that's one obvious reason. But it's not the main reason.

I started trading in 1999 and since then I've studied countless books, videos, taken courses, hired mentors, you name it, I've tried it. All to master the science and art of trading the markets. And what I now know is that mastering the markets is a lifelong learning experience. It's not like riding a bike. You have to change and adjust and learn every day. I really like that.

Eventually I found that I like teaching as well. I really enjoy seeing people grow and prosper. In fact, in my 12-year career as a trading instructor I've taught almost 4000 students. The success letters and testimonials I received are awesome. To me that's the bigger paycheck. 

Sharing all my mistakes so you won't have to experience the losses is just as important as sharing what I know works. My goal is for your path to success to be much faster and easier than mine was. 

You don't have to take my word for it though. Invest a few moments reading some of the following testimonials I've received over the years. If you choose to join The Daily Market Forecast community, I'll work hard to get one from you too!

Mark Weissmann

Mike is an amazing instructor. he has so much knowledge in a variety of areas when it comes to the markets. His lectures were very enjoyable and not dry. I would recommend Mike as an instructor or facilitator. he was very sincere and is truly looking to help people.

Puttaiah Channe-Gowda

Mike Siewruk was everything at OTA Detroit. He was Principal Instructor and the owner of the Academy. He was arranging very good talented instructors from all over the country to come and teach at the Acadamy. Point is: Anybody who listens to him carefully becomes spellbound with his extraordinary abilities to make things simpler irrespective of how complicated they are. It is more true with today's trading complexities. I admit his leadership and remain one of his disciplined students.

Scott Mackey

Mike is committed to sharing his knowledge with students and facilitating interaction within the trading community. His enthusiasm for trading and life in general makes him an excellent instructor and great guy to know.

Don Martin

Mike, I can not thank you enough for the assistance you have provided to traders like me since you have have become active in the Tampa area. Your willingness to share your insights as well as to sponsor meetups so others can share and can hear the presenters from OTA has become an valuable part of my trading experience.

Gary Rosenberg

Mike has the rare combination of insight, deep knowledge, and enthusiasm along with the ability to communicate that all great teachers have. I would take ANY class Mike is teaching, because of his ability to engage his students. Sometimes you just know when you are getting the straight story. The guy can flat-out teach.

Eric Schmitt

I was very interested in learning the art and theory of stocks and options with respect to the market and becoming a better trader. Mike helped me understand the markets better and in return that has made me a more successful trader today. Mike is an all around good person who really cares about his students and it shows by the quality of time he spends with all of them.

Ron Crawford

Mike Siewruk is the real deal! Mike was my advisor as I started my journey to become an active trader. Not only is he smart, but understands the markets and is willing to share his knowledge in an easy to understand way. He is the kind of person who goes over and above to make sure that students are successful. I would not have be able to attain the level of success that I have without him. Great mentor and teacher!

Don Mitzel

Mike, you are a multi-talented individual. Whether you are on the radio, working in your office, teaching, or hosting an event, you are always passionate about trading the markets and helping others become successful.

Henry Bissonnette

Mike's depth of knowledge in trading the markets is an invaluable asset he is more than willing to share with his students and clients. An excellent coach who can guide your education in meaningful directions.

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