The Daily Market Forecast difference...

There are countless ways to trade the markets. Most traders use some form of technical and/or fundamental analysis. The Daily Market Forecast uses a proprietary combination of both disciplines and adds in market sentiment to round out the analysis. 

By combining technical, fundamental and sentiment data we can better predict the turning points in the coming session, whether it's the day (from EST 9:30 to 16:15) or the Globex (from EST 18:00 to 9:30 the next day). 

It's important to note that many technical traders develop their strategies through a process called back-testing. Simply put, a collection of entry/exit rules are programmed into a development environment and then examined historically across different time frames and assets. The idea is... if the strategy rules worked historically, they are likely to work in the future. The problem is they seldom do. 

The Daily Market Forecast is not a back-tested strategy. After struggling with poor forward results of back-tested strategies for years, I decided to embark on a far more laborious process. I chose to forecast the trading day based on a combination of technical, fundamental and sentiment data then capture the results for analysis. This makes The Daily Market Forecast a forward-looking and results captured strategy.

Currently our database of trade setups exceeds 6500 events. Dozens of data points are captured for each trade setup giving us dozens of ways to search the database to determine hidden "edge". Querying the database for answers is something we do on a daily basis in our ZOOM sessions. This is called evidence-based analysis. It works very well.

Watch the following recordings of our LIVE Trading ZOOM sessions. There are fabulous lessons in every one!

Globex Session Guidance

Our Globex ZOOM session airs at EST 5:30 Sunday through Thursday. Great trading lessons in every session.


Day Session Guidance

Our Day ZOOM session airs at EST 9:00 Monday through Friday. More great trading lessons in every session.


Here's what our members receive...

There are two editions (trade plans) updated every trading day. You will access/download the "Morning" trade plan every Monday through Friday at 9 am EST and the "Globex" trade plan every Sunday through Thursday at 5:30 pm EST from our web site. That's a total of 40 customized S&P trading plans every month including:

  • Detailed analysis with buy/sell signals for the trading day/night.
  • World Index Score, our proprietary global market sentiment indicator.
  • Profit and loss results from the prior session setups.
  • Screen shots of all charts used showing every trade setup result visually for your review.

You will also receive a ZOOM link for you to attend the Daily LIVE Training sessions at 9:00 am EST (Monday through Friday) and 5:30 pm EST (Sunday through Thursday). In those sessions we'll...

  • Recap the trade setup results from the prior sessions.
  • Plan all the trade setups for the upcoming session and discuss which setups offer the best opportunities.
  • Open the live market and enter our trades.
  • Finally, I'll be available to answer any specific questions you have.
  • Plan on the ZOOM session lasting 45 to 60 minutes.
  • ZOOM sessions are recorded if you're not able to attend live or simply want to review the training.

That's a total of 40 hours of LIVE training every month. 

In the words of the infamous baseball coach Yogi Berra:

"Nothin happens til you do it." Enroll now. It's risk-free!

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