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If you missed the live orientation here's the recording. 


"Election Night Trading Live!"

Watch Dan Sugar from nail some quick moves and myself... well, no trades triggered but good trading insights shared. 


"7 Top Risk Management Rules"


"Shorting tops & other great lessons."


"It seems common these day to bitch about things we don’t like..."

...but I wanted to reinforce some of the things I find very helpful in your Zoom sessions:

  • You don’t shy away from repeating information. That’s good because it takes the average person seven exposures to absorb new information.
  • Excellent pace. At least for the way my brain works. I can keep up, and not so slow that it gets boring.
  • Your calm, analytical approach. If I never hear Jim Cramer’s voice again I will be happy.
  • The lessons on the web site are clear and concise, as are your explanations during the Zoom sessions.

Thanks much,
Ken Kellner


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