Are you up 2099.50 S&P points in the last 12 months?  

Our strategy is, trading only 3 futures contracts with minimal risk. If you have the capital to trade E-Minis, that's $100,000+ in side income (but don't worry if you can't trade minis, the micro contracts work just as well).

Why is it side income? Because our style of trading does not require you to sit at your computer all day. We plan ahead, enter orders, and manage from our broker-provided smartphone apps. 

More importantly, nearly half those gains were obtained during the Globex (evening) session, many while sleeping!

If you're an options trader you'll be interested to know that our turning points are fabulous for selling credit spreads, something we do every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Trading multiple strategies is a great way to minimize risk through diversification. You wouldn't own one stock or fund in your 401-K, why not trade multiple winning strategies? 

I love trading and all the research that goes into it. But I love my freedom more. Freedom of location, time, and finances. That's why over the past 9 years I've designed our strategy to require minimal computer time. Does that resonate with you? 

It does with our members: 


I've been trading for 3 years now but never found success like I have since subscribing to The Daily Market Forecast a couple months ago. It's the best investment I've made that is changing the way I live my life! Your strategies for trading have allowed me to take advantage of the volatility in this market like I've never seen before.

Thanks again,

Jared Gansen

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How much is all this?

Here's what you'll receive...

There are two editions (trade plans) updated every trading day. You will access/download the "Morning" trade plan every Monday through Friday at 9 am EST and the "Globex" trade plan every Sunday through Thursday at 5:30 pm EST from our web site. That's a total of 40 customized S&P trading plans every month including:

  • Detailed analysis with buy/sell signals for the trading day/night.
  • World Index Score, our proprietary global market sentiment indicator.
  • Profit and loss results from the prior session setups.
  • Screen shots of all charts used showing every trade setup result visually for your review.
  • Results spreadsheet of every trade's outcome.

You will also receive a ZOOM link for you to attend the Daily LIVE Training sessions at 9:00 am EST (Monday through Friday) and 5:30 pm EST (Sunday through Thursday). 

  • A robust trading community with dozens of smart and experienced traders sharing their best practices. 
  • Access to our "Edge" database of over 7000 trades to fine-tune your entries and exits based on current market conditions.
  • Recap the trade setup results from the prior sessions.
  • Plan all the trade setups for the upcoming session and discuss which setups offer the best opportunities.
  • Open the live market and enter our trades.
  • Finally, I'll be available to answer any specific trading  questions you have.
  • Plan on the ZOOM session lasting 45 to 90 minutes.
  • ZOOM sessions are recorded if you're not able to attend live or simply want to review the training.

That's a total of 40+ hours of LIVE training every month that beginners and pros alike will benefit from. 

Brian Cagney wrote...

“I’ve been trading Stocks and Options for over 40 years, 30 years as a Market Maker at The Chicago Board Options Exchange. This past year I decided to restart trading the E-mini S&P 500 Futures and like most people I’d have good days and end up giving it all back. Then I started following Mike Siewruk and his Daily Market Forecast. His twice daily Zoom trade room gives me the guidance and confidence I couldn’t find anywhere else. I highly recommend traders, from beginners to advanced traders, to stop wasting your time (and money) and learn Mike’s data backed trading style.”

In the words of the infamous baseball coach Yogi Berra...

"Nothin happens til you do it." Enroll now. It's risk-free!

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How much is all this?