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If you trade stocks or options and want to quickly find the best candidates to trade, with your strategy OR ours, here’s some great news.

As a directional trader your strategies use technical indicators, fundamental analysis, and algos that help find solid entries and exits. BUT none are truly Leading Indicators of price direction.

There are, however, TWO superb Leading Indicators that Wall Street uses and retail traders rarely, if ever do.

Leading Indicator #1 – Insider Buying.

Who knows more about the future performance of a stock than the Insiders running the company? No one. Now in seconds you can find stocks that are being bought by Insiders writing 7- and 8-figure checks to accumulate more of their company’s ownership.

Much research has been done on Insider Buying and all the evidence points to “higher future stock performance and abnormal positive returns.”

Adding Insider Buys to your existing strategies can improve your entry and exit timing significantly.

Leading Indicator #2 – Unusual Options Activity.

Unusual Options Activity is found in options contracts, specific strike prices and expiration dates, that show a massive increase in volume.

Only the largest of investors, institutions and hedge funds, have the capital to place these monster trades. Like Insiders, they know way more about the likely direction of the stock than the retail trader.

When you combine these two Leading Indicators you can get a substantial edge in your swing and position trades.

Now for the first time there is a tool to scan ALL stocks and ALL options instantly to identify both huge Insider Buys and Unusual Options Activity!

Watch this training video to learn WHY these Leading Indicators are so important and HOW you can effortlessly add them to your trading plan.

No disappointments!

Trade Fearlessly,

Mike Siewruk

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