Documenting Your Trades: The Path to an Edge

psychology Dec 24, 2020

From Dr. Woody Johnson, Trader Psychologist

This evening I began thinking about a horrible decision I made that took a big bite out of my stock account due almost entirely to… greed! Yeah, you read that correctly. Dr. Woody here apparently missed my own medicine and allowed emotions to hijack my process.

Like watching a horror movie where you know the monster is hiding behind the closet door, you watch the unsuspecting guy (me in this case) put his hands on the knob as you scream “no don’t go there!” I never heard you as I went there and was summarily attacked by the vampire of a monster who is not scary looking – on the contrary by outward appearances is usually quite attractive and seductive until s/he exposes those fangs - comes out of nowhere and even before you can react has sunk its teeth deep inside from which you are no match because you were caught unaware.

Now, I know that my tools would have helped me fend off this greed-monster, but at...

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