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Hi, I’m Mike Siewruk, founder, 14-year trading instructor, and 23-year trading veteran.

I help people succeed at trading so they can live their dream lifestyle.

Trading is challenging. Every one of us face the same challenges. The key to succeeding is knowing the challenges are coming and how to overcome them with proven tools and techniques.

Think of them as minor failures or rejections. We experience these in life all the time! How do you respond? Do you wallow in self-pity and let them happen to you again and again? Of course not! You learn from them. You figure out how to turn the mistakes, failures, and rejections into a positive outcome.

This same “formula” applies to trading challenges. For example, have you ever….

  • Lost more money than you could afford to lose
  • Abruptly quit trading because of a losing streak?
  • Over-traded out of revenge?
  • Impulsively entered trades?
  • Tried strategy after strategy and failed to succeed?
  • Felt like you always “take the losers” and "watch the winners?"

Me too! I’ve struggled through every one of these challenges. 

When I started trading in 1999 I knew very little about the markets. I simply had the time, risk capital and interest.

My “WHY” was (and still is) freedom. I saw trading as the ultimate route to total freedom. Freedom of time, location, and money concerns.

I figured it would be a life-long learning experience and that would keep my brain sharp through retirement years, something that I’m very passionate about.

When I started I invested $3500 in a black-box software program that provided trade setups. It worked for a while. I was amazed. “This is easy!” Then the software stopped working. I lost money weekly, monthly, and ended that year with a massive loss in my account.

It was then that I woke up and realized that I knew nothing about real trading. I just lucked out for a while.

There was no way I would give up on my vision of total freedom. I had to solve the problem.

I thought, “Why should successful trading be different than any other profession? Successful doctors, lawyers, engineers, managers, musicians, actors, you name it, they ALL learned, studied, failed, solved, and practiced their way to success.”

My solution was to step back from trading and become a serious student. I invested thousands of dollars in books, courses, mentorships. I even immersed myself in the business of trader education by opening two trading academy franchises.

The decision to be a student first, then a teacher, was the best decision I’ve ever made.

My confidence and trading improved dramatically. But I’m far more fulfilled personally by the emails I get from traders, both novice and experienced, how they too have improved their confidence and results working with me.

My goal is for your path to success to be much faster and easier than mine was.

You don't have to take my word for it though. Invest a few moments reading some of the testimonials I've received over the years. If you choose to join The Daily Market Forecast community, I'll work hard to get one from you too!