What members and students wrote...

  • Tonya Love wrote: "Mike’s trading sessions are truly helpful, insightful and full of risk management and education. I’ve honestly been involved in a number of various rooms over the past years and I’ve slowly weaned them all off except for Daily Market Forecast. The group that Mike hosts are all dedicated traders interested in helping one another discussing ideas, strategies, and risk management. I’m never faced with volatile political or other opinions; this room is run strictly professional and it helps!

    My trading has improved due to Mike’s emphasis on risk management and encouraging us to be in the right headspace. He’s had guests in the past that helped us focus on the NOW instead of trading with emotions. Every morning without fail, we join a zoom and are able to assess live market action before the open until the mid-morning slowdown. Every evening we get Mike’s insightful zones or areas of interest. Participation is encouraged, he truly wants the members to succeed and grow!

    I recall years ago; I would read Mike’s column and his various daily zones of interest on a different platform. I was impressed even then, before I knew him because of his down to earth realistic approach and how willing he is to help. I’m glad he set up this company which gives me the opportunity to learn and interact with him directly."

  • Andy B. wrote: "Mike provides a learning environment that’s perfect for both novices and seasoned traders alike. His subscription rate of only a few dollars each day can be covered in only one trade! Mike teaches the two of the most important qualities of a successful trader – when to exit a trade and how to manage risk (two things all unsuccessful traders have in common). He’s always there when you need him."
  • John O'Brien wrote "I joined your group in 2020 to which I am very proud to be a charter member! You have an awesome team and your program is “Top Shelf." Nobody I have ever traded with, learned and studied from, has such a detailed and methodical way of trading! You’re simply the best at what you do Mike."
  • Jack McPherson wrote: "The information Mike provides is invaluable. From the daily market analysis and live trading to past statistical analysis, trading multiple assets and strategies, collaboration with other traders, trader psychology and individual attention, he has assembled the complete trading experience. Great job, Mike!"
  • Brian Cagney wrote: "“I have been with Mike and The Daily Market Forecast since day one. I’ve been trading stocks and options for over 40 years and a market maker at the CBOE for 30 years. Never really traded anything else. I now trade gold, oil and the e-minis using volume levels, trend lines, and volatility reversals with Mike and his group. If you trade options, you’ll love how our team does ITM and OTM spreads. We learn together and trade together!” 
  • George Antoine wrote: "“Mike is an excellent instructor and wealth of knowledge. I knew little about trading and now my biggest dream is to become a trader. This course helped me a lot in my journey. I’m more confident as my winnings improved. I would recommend this to anyone regardless of your experience.”
  • Katie Maynard wrote: "“Hi Mike! I happened to listen to this morning's recording a few minutes ago. Your comments about the bad luck guy reminded me how good you are at keeping things in perspective and reminding us to do the same. Thank you for your positive effect on my life, my attitude and most of all my trading. I plan to continue to conspire with you to live many, many more years. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate you and the team. I will be back more frequently soon. But thanks for always looking to provide us with diverse trading strategies. You can't know how much I love that about you. Take care.”
  • Curt Hamre wrote: "Mike, thanks a lot for coming up to Del Ray to have dinner with us Thursday night. We had a great time. Hope you enjoyed our family. Sorry for perhaps bragging a bit… we are having success… just wanted to share with you how at present much of our trading is going. Your work and commentary have been extremely influential in our trade plans… Thanks again.”  
  • Anne Beresi wrote: "Hi Mike, First of all, let me say...feel so lucky to be part of your group!!! Learn something new, every day from you. VERY TRULY GRATEFUL!!!
    I am beginner/intermediate at BEST!! Have started doing DTE 0 SPXW OTM trades.... had some good success with that! Think I ended up with around $1070 profit end of day. I am liking OTM DTE 0 SPXW trades but am TOTALLY looking forward to hearing what your guy with ITM SPXW trades has to say.... Thanks SO MUCH MIKE!!!”
  • Vinnie Rossitto wrote: "Hey Mike, I started with you in the middle of July and was negative for July and then August was not great...BUT I have been 95% disciplined and am up 157 pts for Aug and 110 points since inception. It feels so good to have a disciplined plan to follow and a great bunch of people to trade with. My confidence level is increasing...that is so important per Dr Woody. Thanks for all your help.” 
  • Paul Disbro wrote: "I started my trading in 2013. I have spent 100’s of hours, weeklong classes, great Instructors just to get home and within two or three weeks fall into bad habits. Back to another class with a different instructor and thought process. After joining Mike’s “Daily Market Forecast” it has been a breath of fresh air to see his strategy and levels work. It is great to sit back and listen to Mike’s analysis and then watch him trade live. You have taught me to slow down, if I missed that trade not to chase it, there will be one later on, go do something else, life is too short, no need to sit watching the monitor all day. Thank you, Mike!”
  • Jaren Gansen wrote: "I've been trading for 3 years now but never found success like I have since subscribing to The Daily Market Forecast a couple months ago. It's the best investment I've made that is changing the way I live my life! Your strategies for trading have allowed me to take advantage of the volatility in this market like I've never seen before. Thanks again!” 
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