The Daily Market Forecast... "Zc ROI"

Tuesday’s Blog Results: No entry on long. Short scalped 6.50 points MFE.

Quick Tip: “Zc” ROI

What? “Zc?”

OK… Zc = Zero Cost ROI. Costs nothing, returns outrageous returns. Skeptics and half-empties are moving on. 

You’re not.         

Zero-cost ROI is real. It’s what you get when you read every day. The more topics the better. Reading is the greatest time investment. Period.

Make it a habit. Here’s how: Make a commitment to read something interesting, relevant, and beneficial every day. Set a time limit. 30 minutes is good for starting this life-changing habit.

But to make the habit stick, you need a carrot (get it, stick or carrot?). So, let’s say you want to get your brain started first thing in the morning. Read something motivational for 30 minutes. THEN you reward yourself with a cup of coffee, tea, or lemon water. That is how you make a habit. Do-then-reward. It won’t take long!

Giving credit here to Jim Kwik, author of Limitless. Part of his morning routine. In fact, that’s probably the best reading you’ll do first thing in the morning to turbocharge your thinking. Thanks Jim!

Since this blog is about trading I guess I need to weave it in. The wealth of trading advice in books is priceless. But books are not free! How is that “Zc?” Man/Woman-up and invest a little or go to the library. 😊

Here’s my go-to list of trading books you should own and read over and over…

  • Bollinger on Bollinger Bands, John Bollinger
  • Technical Analysis of Stock Trends, Edwards & Magee
  • Options as a Strategic Investment, Lawrence McMillan
  • Market Wizards (series), Jack Schwager
  • Evidence Based Technical Analysis, David Aronson
  • Long-Term Secrets of Short-Term Trading, Larry Williams
  • Trading in the Zone, Mark Douglas
  • Secrets of the Peak Performance Trader, Dr. Woody Johnson

I guarantee you’ll change your trading life for the better if you do this. And if not? Mail me the book and I’ll pay for it… again!

Short Level: Sell 4515.75 stop 4521.50. 

Long Level: Buy 4443.75 stop 4439.50.   

Trade well,

Mike Siewruk

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