How Team Trading Works...

After years of sitting alone trading, frequently wondering if there was a better way, an enhancement to what I do, and what other traders would suggest, I finally embraced the "Team Trading" concept. 
Today, I'm fortunate to have dozens of great traders in my daily Zoom sessions offering the needed critical commentary as well as new trading strategy suggestions ripe for research. 
Recently we had a great session (plenty of valuable lessons) and I promptly received this email from Katie Maynard. 
I thought it would be valuable for you to view this recording and truly understand the power of Team Trading. Here it is. Enjoy!
Mike Siewruk
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"Hi Mike. I happened to listen to this morning's recording a few minutes ago. Your comments about the bad luck guy reminded me how good you are at keeping things in perspective and reminding us to do the same. Thank you for your positive effect on my life, my attitude and most of all my trading. I plan to continue to conspire with you to live many many more years.

I also want to say how much I appreciate you and the team. Thanks for always looking to provide us with diverse trading strategies. You can't know how much I love that about you. Take care."
Katie Maynard

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