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Monday’s Blog Results: Your suggested short on the breakout below 4766 was good for an 8-point run. Team members saw the “perfect” Globex session with two 17.50-point trades back-to-back, level-to-level.

Today’s Trading Tip:  The “easier” session.     

One of the many great features in the Futures market is the Globex session. Most popular Futures contracts start trading at 6:00 PM ET. That’s 15.5 hours before the opening bell the next day.

The participants and trading are different than the day session. During the day the big volume traders are way more active causing price to jerk around more. Statistically, you’ll have more stop-outs during the day.

That sounds good but the main reason you want to trade in the Globex is predictability. Think about it. During the day session all the big volume traders are leaving their “footprint” on the price map. You can “see” where they want to trade. With this knowledge, picking turning points in the Globex is much easier.

Don’t worry about losing sleep. Placing set/forget trades during the Globex adds a whole new dimension to your trading performance. You’ll still need a solid rule-based plan with positive results. That’s what our Team Members receive every market day at 5:15 PM ET.

If you’ve been interested in joining our team but can’t make the morning Zoom sessions to trade live, here’s some good news. Now you can…

  • Learn our trading strategies online
  • Receive two trade plans daily, one for the Globex Session and one for the Day Session.
  • Know in advance several great S&P turning points every day.
  • Have access to dozens of custom indicators to simplify and enhance your trading.
  • Join our WhatsApp off-hours trading team for real-time collaboration.
  • Attend the LookBack (5) trade review session every weekend for live coaching.

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Today’s Best S&P Futures Turning Points:

Short Level: Blue skies above.

Long Level: Buy 4742.00 stop 4739.00.

Trade well,

Mike Siewruk

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