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Today’s Trading Tip: How the legends did it.

You know it all when you don't.

My kids reminded me of that. As they approached their teens I noticed they were all smarter than me. Or so they thought.

This made me recall how I was as a teen. Yup. Dad was wrong and I was right.

In my infinite "wisdom" back then I decided history was a waste of time. I barely passed those classes.

A couple of decades later I became regretful. History is vitally important. It's a fabulous and free learning experience from the best mentors you could find.

I read a White Paper the other day on the history of Trend Following (in trading). In only 15 pages of "study" I know infinitely more about how trading has evolved over the past... centuries!

Why should you read this white paper? Because you will learn HOW the BEST traders in history made their fortunes and shaped the industry for us today. Will that give you some edge?

As I mentioned, the subject is Trend Following. You can and should apply these priceless lessons to your own style and strategies. Click here to download. 

Today’s Best S&P Futures Turning Points:

Short Level: Nothing worth the risk.  

Long Level: Buy 4786.25 stop 4782.75 (3.50 risk).

Happy Holidays and Trade Well,

Mike Siewruk

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