The Daily Market Forecast... Night School Rocks!

Thursday’s Results: Buying 4416.25 failed the reversal pre-market and failed the breakout during the day session.   

Quick Tip: Night School Rocks!

With distance learning common today night school might be losing popularity.

But NOT in the futures, Forex, and crypto markets. These assets trade all night long. You should be planning trades for what is called the Globex (night) session in the futures market. Set and forget while you sleep.

What is equally important about the Globex session is the clues and edge it can give your Day session trading. You should study the Globex data on assets you trade. Patterns and edge will emerge. It may change from time to time so keep your research updated.

Here’s an example: The S&P futures is modestly active in the Globex. The volume is a small fraction of the day session, but enough to analyze. Measure the range of the session (from 6PM to 9:30AM ET). This is a great way to forecast the range of the day session. Usually, a wide Globex leads to a wide day, narrow to narrow, as well. For planning your exits the next day having context of whether the day will likely be wide or narrow is helpful.

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Today’s Best S&P Turning Points: 

Sell 4088.50 stop 4093.25.  

Buy 3979.50 stop 3973.75.

Trade Fearlessly,

Mike Siewruk

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