Trade Aptitude

Results of Monday’s Best S&P Futures Turning Points: Buying 4131.25 triggered in the Globlex catching the low of the session and is still open with 12+ points MFE. 

Today’s Best S&P Futures Turning Points (consider wider stops and less size in fast moving markets): 

Buy 4120.75 stop 4116.00. Short 4176.50 stop 4181.75. 

The World Sentiment Index: (+100/-100) drops from -21 to -50 with all major world markets modestly Bearish. 

Catalysts: Home Price Index @ 9:00. Yellen speaks on Biden’s economic agenda @ 9:30. Consumer Confidence & New Home Sales @ 10:00. 

Quick Tip: Night Moves

We’ve noticed that the volume levels suggested in this newsletter have been performing much better during the Globex session. Historically, this happens often. Keep that in mind when they don’t trigger during the day session. 

Yesterday’s buy @ 4131.25 triggered at 4:21 ET while most of us were sleeping. The trade is still open with 12+ points MFE (Maximum Favorable Excursion). 

Staging this trade before bed is simple. Enter your limit order to buy at the entry price, attach a trailing stop equal to the initial risk, maybe a few ticks more. Enter any profit targets if you’re scaling out. If you weren’t sleeping you’d likely do better by managing the stop movement based on chart features or percentage of open profit. But in this case, sleep is a healthier alternative! Use the trailing stop. 

The Globex session trades differently than the day session. That’s why our team members receive two trade plans daily, one for the Globex and one for the day. Join the team, learn the strategies, and trade live with us daily for 30 days and NIGHTS. Money back if you’re not blown away!

Trade Fearlessly,

Mike Siewruk 


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