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Wednesday’s Results: Neither suggested level triggered.

Quick Tip: Get PAIDtm

Trade plans are essential. But they are one piece of the puzzle. Aside from all the common components your trade plan needs an overriding structure, method, philosophy. We created the PAIDtm method of trading to accomplish this.

PAIDtm is an acronym for Plan/Abundance/Investigate/Decide. Simply said, we trade multiple strategies for an abundance of opportunities which we investigate for best probability then decide which trade to enter.

Abundance is critical. If you’re not getting plenty of quality trade setups you might be tempted to enter trades that you shouldn’t take. When you have choices, then you can be picky without any FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

With choices comes the responsibility of investigation. You need hard evidence pointing to the best probability of success to ultimately...

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The Daily Market Forecast


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The Daily Market Forecast

Tuesday’s Results: The suggested short @ 3891.50 stopped out. 

Quick Tip: Reframe Losing

Our morning Live Trading Room is open for two hours. It’s recorded and posted to the website immediately afterward. There is a “cover” on each recording with a headline that summarizes the session (see above). 

Yesterday was one of those days when every trade I personally took failed. There were winning trades teed up by the multiple strategies we follow. In fact, our trend-following strategy killed it with the S&P. Not my trade selection, though.

Afterward, a team member texted me this: “The trading Gods simply wouldn’t give you a break today, and you still maintained your posture and calm demeanor throughout.” 

The fact is I didn’t feel badly yesterday. Losing happens. My daily cash risk is within my personal risk tolerance.

Winning and losing cycles. Sometimes those “streaks” are...

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The Daily Market Forecast

Monday’s Results: The suggested buy @ 3860.00 was only good for a 5.50-point bounce. 

Quick Tip: Fix FOMO

Seasoned traders spend time on the review process. They compare their results (behavior) to their plan. This is an excellent way to improve incrementally and get more disciplined. 

There is a “downside” you’ll need to handle, though. Since you can’t take every good trade every day and night you’ll find in your review process that you missed lots of great trades. The feeling gets worse when you happen to be in a drawdown and you’re seeing the losers on your statement and the winners absent. 

How do you feel about that? You may develop “Fear of Missing Out” (FOMO). And that will likely lead to overtrading and at the least, loss of confidence. 

Here is a simple reframing trick that should set you straight. Instead of focusing on all the winning trades you missed, ...

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The Daily Market Forecast

Friday’s Results: The suggested short @ 3821.00 stopped out in the pre-market. 

Quick Tip: Play to Win 

All your results start with your orientation toward life. In Larry Wilson’s book, Play to Win: Choosing Growth Over Fear in Work and Life, he reveals the two orientations that you must choose between.

1. Play to win.

2. Playing not to lose. 

What’s the difference? 

People who have a positive attitude packed with a view of abundant opportunities that are willing to overcome challenges, grow and risk for gain are “Playing to Win.” 

Conversely, people who need to remain in their comfort zone, looking for the “easy way,” have a skeptical, negative attitude, and don’t see opportunities clearly are “Playing Not to Lose.” 

Successful traders Play to Win. One key component of their formula is the mindset of ...

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The Daily Market Forecast

Thursday’s Results: Neither suggested level triggered. 

Quick Tip: Open Up

You have a rule-based plan with edge. If not, get one or quit trading. Rules in this case are meant to be followed. You want to be as machine-like as possible. Not easy for many of us, but that’s the goal.

Imagine that your plan is working fine. Your discipline following it is very good. Then you meet a trader who tells you there is a better way. 

What’s your reaction?

1. Nod politely, congratulate her on finding that “gem” and carry on doing what you’ve always done. 


2. Get excited, immediately re-write your rules, and expect a big improvement. 

You’ve probably met both types of traders. Fixed, disciplined, rarely willing to change and excitable, glib, and always changing. There is good and bad in both personality types. 

Consider a middle ground. When you hear of a “better...

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The Daily Market Forecast

Wednesday’s Results: CPI volatility blew price through the suggested buy @ 3772.50. 

Quick Tip: Don’t Trade

There are times when you shouldn’t trade. The CPI news yesterday was one of the times. Price became too volatile with slippage galore. There are other key catalysts you should monitor to know when not to trade. Some of the catalysts are asset-specific, like the EIA Petroleum Inventory Report (for oil). 

Add this simple step to your morning routine. Go to   even if you don’t trade currencies. Their economic calendar is one of the best. You can filter the calendar by currency, event type, and “impact” to get the exact information you need. 

If you trade stocks, you’ll need to know earnings release dates. Try

Today’s Best S&P Turning Points (in fast moving markets consider a wider stop and less size): 

Sell 3806.50 stop 3812.25. 


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The Daily Market Forecast... The Calm Routine

Tuesday’s Results: Neither suggested trade triggered. 

Quick Tip: The Calm Routine

Even if you don’t golf you’ve probably heard that it’s a mental game. Most athletics are. Trading is too. Dr. Richard Coop, author of the book “Mind Over Golf” advises players to have their own personal “pre-shot routine.” Let’s use his advice but change the details to improve our trading. 

1. If you’re approaching a trade entry with a negative feeling, pause and use some physical ritual to regain calm control and reset your concentration. The ritual may be standing up and stretching or closing your eyes and counting backward from 10 to 1. It can be whatever you want. 

2. To avoid the negative feelings going forward, develop your own pre-trade routine. This keeps stray thoughts that can be detrimental from entering your mind while trading. 

3. The trick is to develop this pre-trade routine...

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The Daily Market Forecast... THIS is Freedom!

Monday’s Results: Neither suggested trade triggered in another range-bound day. 

Quick Tip: THIS is Freedom!

It’s popular today to know your “Why” to achieve your goals. The idea is the more passionate about your goal you are the better you’ll persevere through the setbacks and challenges that inevitably occur. 

When asked what my “Why” is for trading and teaching I respond with one word: Freedoms. Plural. Freedom of time, location, and money concerns. 

Yesterday I saw a tweet from my friend and colleague Jeff Manson. He is also a trader and teacher. The header read “Good Morning FROM Viet Nam!”, a play on words from the movie. He is in Saigon, one stop on his travelling the world while trading and teaching online “tour.” Now THAT is Freedom! Thank you, Jeff, for pointing me to my next goal!

How about you? Think big. Set the goal. Make your “Why” a...

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The Daily Market Forecast... Abundance

Friday’s Results: Neither suggested trade triggered in a range-bound day. 

Quick Tip: Abundance

The more trade setups you have available the choosier you can be in taking trades. Abundance is good. The opposite is true. Too few setups can find you taking trades that are not ideal. 

Given that markets are changing character from trend to range and volatile to quiet, the ideal solution for abundance is to have multiple strategies that are tuned for those varying conditions. 

In yesterdays’ Optimizing Multi-Strat Trading mini class we showed how to gain this edge. Watch the recording here (time sensitive discount offers expiring at midnight tonight!). 

Today’s Best S&P Turning Points (in fast moving markets consider a wider stop and less size): 

Sell 3943.00 stop 3947.25 (same as Friday).

Buy 3834.50 stop 3829.75 (same as Friday). 

Trade Fearlessly,

Mike Siewruk

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