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Monday’s Blog Results: The suggested short worked for 32 points in the Globex session but didn’t re-trigger (valid) in the day session. Price collapsed and opened below the suggested long level.

Today’s Trading Tip:  On Vacation…

Today’s Best S&P Futures Turning Points.

Short Level: Sell 4777.00 stop 4781.75.

Long Level: Buy 4639.75 stop 4634.00

Trade well,

Mike Siewruk

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The Daily Market Forecast... what you forgot

Friday’s Blog Results: Your suggested entries didn’t trigger. 

Today’s Trading Tip:  What you forgot.     

Have you ever done something stupid and realized you knew that was the wrong thing to do (or say)? You knew it all along and for some reason you lapsed and momentarily forgot.

You might have experienced this feeling while learning. The coach says “this way is the best” and you think “I used to do that! Why did I stop!” Human nature. 

There was a beautiful 8:1 setup in our trading room on Friday (see chart above). This was a reversal entry and could have been set/forgot way before price ever came near the level.

This is something I repeatedly say during our live sessions. “Decide now and set your trades.” With futures orders being time-stamped at the exchange you’ll get more fills this way.

Did I set the trade? Nope. I saw price soaring up and tried to enter but it moved too quickly...

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The Daily Market Forecast... volume redefined

Thursday’s Blog Results: Your suggested entries didn’t trigger. The profile was wide open due to the rapid drop after the FOMC announcement.

Today’s Trading Tip:  Volume redefined.     

In technical trading there are only a few variables to consider: price, volume, and time. Every technical indicator or method is derived from variations of these variables.

Most traders look at volume within a time interval. They see volume in a histogram at the bottom of the chart. Good to know.

The chart above flips the volume from the time axis to the price axis. Now you see the volume at specific prices. Much better to know.

Why? Large traders (institutions) approach buying and selling different than you and I. When we want to buy or sell we click a mouse and it’s done. Our position size is small.

Large traders can’t do that. They need to accumulate and distribute their positions in their chosen price ranges.

Let’s say you consume...

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The Daily Market Forecast... standing back

Wednesday’s Blog Results: Your suggested buy at 4742.50 was only good for a 6.75-point scalp BUT you shouldn’t have taken the trade.

Today’s Trading Tip:  Stand back.    

Traditional work, your job, your career, your profession, all make becoming a winning trader difficult. Not because of the time devotion, because they instill a belief that is NOT helpful in trading.

What is it? Doing something. Can you imagine if you were caught doing nothing and told the boss “Now is not a good time to be working on this.” Or “Thursdays are difficult days to get anything done, so I’m going to loaf.”

In trading NOT entering a trade is not only OK it’s smart. There are times when the probability of success is low. Don’t trade. Unlike your job, doing nothing is completely acceptable.

Look at yesterday. The FOMC Minutes came out at 2PM ET and the volatility soared. The initial reaction was a 13-point bounce higher....

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The Daily Market Forecast... puzzle solved

Tuesday’s Blog Results: No free trades triggered. Team members saw another great Globex session with a breakout to all-time-highs running for 15.50 points.

Today’s Trading Tip:  Puzzle solved.

Being curious and constantly learning is critically important to your trading… and your longevity! Resolve to get in this habit:

  1. Choose a trading topic you know little about.
  2. Research it thoroughly using the Pomodoro Method.
  3. Act (trade) on your new-found knowledge
  4. Journal every trade.
  5. Review and improve your skill.
  6. Start the process over again with a new topic.

Too busy to get started right now? I’ll do it for you. Email me the topic you’re curious or confused about and I’ll share the results in a future blog post.

Today’s Best S&P Futures Turning Points:  

Short Level: Sell 4800.50 stop 4805.50.

Long Level: Buy 4742.00 stop 4739.00. Same as yesterday.

Happy New Year!

Mike Siewruk

P.S. Tired of trading alone? Need more quality...

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The Daily Market Forecast... do it easier.

Monday’s Blog Results: Your suggested short on the breakout below 4766 was good for an 8-point run. Team members saw the “perfect” Globex session with two 17.50-point trades back-to-back, level-to-level.

Today’s Trading Tip:  The “easier” session.     

One of the many great features in the Futures market is the Globex session. Most popular Futures contracts start trading at 6:00 PM ET. That’s 15.5 hours before the opening bell the next day.

The participants and trading are different than the day session. During the day the big volume traders are way more active causing price to jerk around more. Statistically, you’ll have more stop-outs during the day.

That sounds good but the main reason you want to trade in the Globex is predictability. Think about it. During the day session all the big volume traders are leaving their “footprint” on the price map. You can “see” where they want to...

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The Daily Market Forecast... though journaling

Friday’s Blog Results: Your suggested buy level at 4722.75 never triggered. Team members saw a nice bounce off a secondary volume level, good for 16.50 points.

Today’s Trading Tip: Thought journaling.   

Documenting all your trade setups, taken or not, is critical to improving results. It’s quick and easy to do. With many strategies the information can be downloaded directly from your trading platform. There is no excuse NOT to have this valuable data.

Then there is the more important information most traders ignore… their thoughts and feelings. Trader psychology author and trainer Dr. Woody Johnson suggests that 80% of trading success is based on your personal psychology. If that figure is anywhere near accurate then you should be keeping what he calls a “Thought Journal.”

Start with the trades you take. You want to make this habit easy to acquire. Immediately after you place the trade log your mental condition. Sharp? Alert? Foggy?...

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The Daily Market Forecast... how orders fill.

Thursday’s Blog Results: Your suggested buy level at 4786.25 ran for 13.50 points.

Today’s Trading Tip: How fills work.  

Trading futures contracts on the Globex exchange ( might be the fairest market in the world. Why? Because the orders are time-stamped upon arrival and filled on the first-in first-filled basis. No one gets preference. You’re in a line and it doesn’t matter if you’re a small retail trader or an institution.

Real-world example: Looking at the winning trade from yesterday (see chart above) you’ll notice that price turned right on the suggested buy level. Not even one tick penetration. This does NOT mean you got filled. Some contracts were filled there but maybe not yours. Maybe you were too far back “in the line” and price bid higher before you filled.

One of the many benefits of this strategy is that you can place these orders when you receive this email. It was sent at 7:14 AM ET and the trade was...

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The Daily Market the legends did it.

Wednesday’s Blog Results: No trades triggered.

Today’s Trading Tip: How the legends did it.

You know it all when you don't.

My kids reminded me of that. As they approached their teens I noticed they were all smarter than me. Or so they thought.

This made me recall how I was as a teen. Yup. Dad was wrong and I was right.

In my infinite "wisdom" back then I decided history was a waste of time. I barely passed those classes.

A couple of decades later I became regretful. History is vitally important. It's a fabulous and free learning experience from the best mentors you could find.

I read a White Paper the other day on the history of Trend Following (in trading). In only 15 pages of "study" I know infinitely more about how trading has evolved over the past... centuries!

Why should you read this white paper? Because you will learn HOW the BEST traders in history made their fortunes and shaped the industry for us today. Will that give you some edge?

As I mentioned, the...

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The Daily Market Forecast... goodbye frustration

Tuesday’s Blog Results: The suggested buy at 4772.50 caught the bottom of the day session running for 14.75 points before ending the day +7.25.

Today’s Trading Tip: Goodbye frustration.

What frustrates you? Losing? Missing a winner? Not understanding? Slow markets? Fast markets?

Frustration is a common emotional response to opposition, annoyance, or disappointment. It happens when your goal is denied or blocked.

In many areas of your life, you can and do control the outcome. You’ve learned through growing and experience how to “get what you want.”

In trading you cannot control market behavior. You need to truly accept this fact. Once you do, your need for control can be transferred to the ONE thing in trading you CAN control… your behavior.

If you want to finally rid yourself of frustration in trading follow these 5 simple steps:

  1. Admit you can’t control the market. Funny as it may seem I’ve found that looking in the mirror and saying...
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